To My Sponsor

Performance 2019

This performance took place on the National Finale of the beauty pageant competition “Miss Grand Chile” (preliminary to the international contest). I infiltrated the pageant as a valid participant, with the end of using my stage time to perform this work.

In 1978, in the midst of the Chilean military dictatorship, Chile celebrated her first and only Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco. She became a celebrity and political symbol who openly supported Pinochet's right-wing movement; that was the apogee of the popularity of beauty contests in the country.
The role of a bilbord is contra posed to the role of Miss Chile’s (or Chile’s very own promote)r. This work pretends to explore how the patriarchal society appropriates female bodies and employs them as a marketing strategy or a political apparatus at its service.

Esta performance tubo lugar en la final nacional de Miss Grand Chile 2019, un concurso de belleza genérico. Participé del concurso y llegué a la final, dónde en la categoría Tenida Ressort (traje de baño y complementos) me convertí en un agente publicitario, hibrido entre promotora y gigantografía.